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Brain training exercises has been proven to work, they improve your cognitive abilities such as memory and learning and offset or eliminates diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Exercises featured on the web-site have been scientifically tested and proven to work. Brain training exercises from are found in most brain training software cds and brain exercise games on consoles (Doctor Kawashima's Nintendo DS).

The online brain training on is free of charge. 7 million people world wide perform brain training exercises daily. Join the community and experience the results for yourself, today!

Several brain tests have been performed on individuals in order to see how a brain's frontal lobe is affected by brain training. The brain study demonstrated that networks of neurons would suck up large amounts of blood everytime a certain brain exercise was performed. Scientists performed further tests and studies to find the most effective brain exercises. Results demonstrated several exercises that activate the brain's frontal lobe in most powerful way.

These brain exercises are featured on our web-site for free. The brain power of an individual depends on several factors: individual's health, diet, sleeping patterns and how much daily brain training he or she gets. Health, diet and sleeping patterns are external factors that we cannot always control, but not brain training. It only takes several minutes of training a day to achieve good results.

Age related memory loss can be offset or completely avoided. Brain aging is a process that involves reduced blood flow to the head. The exercises are like a brain booster which pump blood to the brain, revive your neurons and improve your memory, spatial recognition, IQ, brain creativity. The cognitive fitness should be performed like aerobics every morning, the left and right brain increase their power and improve the overall health of your brain.

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Your intelligence levels rise with every exercise that you perform and the results are seen even after 5 years of performing the exercises. That is why Dr. Kawashima's Nintendo DS training is so popular and powerful, people notice real results after doing only several of these exercises. Brainpractices give you a free alternative to improve you mind. Aging of the brain can be reversed by performing only the best brain exercises found on, so dive into brain training today!

Take advantage of this service and start improving your mind's abilities today! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.