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Human consciousness encompasses all memory and awareness of activities, ideas, and situations that are happening while the mind is aware. It happens usually in states where the mind is open for whatever will happen and is consciously making an effort to think.

There are levels of consciousness which Freud proposed to have three levels, which are the conscious, preconscious, and the unconscious. All three work hand-in-hand with the mind’s processes to control the id, ego, and superego. Human consciousness can also be related to both cosmic consciousness and quantum consciousness. Both pertain to higher consciousness levels in the realm of the psychology of consciousness and consciousness studies

Cosmic consciousness explains that everything in the universe is interconnected, and the entire universe is one whole giant organism in which all things inhabiting it is connected in a collective type of consciousness. Quantum consciousness employ quantum mind theories and studies which explain that to be able to understand the mind fully, psychologists should employ quantum physics as well. Quantum physics deals with the existence of life and the metaphysical forces which are present in our surroundings.

Human psychology consciousness has a big realm and body of knowledge. It is so vast that psychologists up to today are building new researches, and contemplating what could be the origin of thought processes and the awareness created by these thoughts. How a person changes from one state of consciousness to another is also one question in the study about the psychology of human consciousness.

Human consciousness is a fascinating subject or topic for both ordinary people and experts alike. There have been countless of research and studies about it. All aspects of human consciousness and its possibilities have been discussed. Discoveries about its great power and potential are widely documented.

Consciousness studies particularly those which form part of the Journal of Consciousness Studies or JCS, which is a collection of research and writing about the subject, are also available online and in print publications.

There are seven levels of consciousness which are as follows: level 1, deep sleep; level 2, dreaming; level 3, unresponsive waking state; level 4, self-awareness; level 5, normal consciousness (passive or reactive); level 6, active consciousness; level 7, transcendental consciousness.

There is also a so-called state of higher consciousness which is usually attained with a lot of practice and training. It is actually the goal of many human beings, because with it comes wisdom and spiritual enlightenment as well as being at peace with one’s self and the universe.

Cosmic consciousness refers to a deep understanding of the cosmos or the universe, the life and order of the universe in particular. The term was coined by Canadian psychologist Dr. Richard M. Bucke in his book Cosmic Consciousness. According to him, some of the individuals who have gained cosmic consciousness include Jesus Christ, apostle Paul, Prophet Mohammed, Buddha, philosopher Dante, his friend novelist Walt Whitman among others.

Psychology consciousness is the term invented to show the close and direct linkage between the field of psychology and human consciousness. Quantum consciousness is based on the principles of the Quantum Theory, it approaches the study of consciousness to this important scientific theory.