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My Brain Training Checklist

While many of us seem to take for granted the health of our minds, we should always give it a high priority. We use our brains everyday. All of the things we do require some kind of cognitive process. When washing the dishes or cleaning the house, we let our minds work. When thinking of reasons to request for promotion, we let our minds work.

When breaking up with someone, we let our minds (and our creativity) work. When taking exams or applying for a job, our minds work big time. In fact, in all of our everyday activities to the very rare instances in our lives, we are required to use our brains whether we like it or not. This fact leads us to the point that while we keep our bodies healthy, it is also necessary to keep our brains and minds in top shape as well.

Here are the tops steps to improve the brain, the memory, and the general ability of our minds:

1. Develop interest. Keep your focus on whatever you are doing and make yourself interested. Have fun in simple things that you do. Being interested in something enables the brain to act more positively, thus, retaining good memories.

2. Relax your mind. While it is of utmost importance to keep an active thinking, it is also important to distress your brain and busy by thinking of relaxing thoughts and happy memories. A relaxed mind has a higher capability to work properly.

3. Avoid unnecessary stress such as cramming and you'all avoid therapy. Whether cramming for the major exams or cramming to meet a deadline, the idea and practice of rushing things is not healthy. An act that is rushed usually leads to more mistakes. Studying early for the exams let you study at the right pace without having to put additional stress on our brains. Working at a normal yet efficient speed can also lead to better results and more impressed people.

4. Engage in brain stimulating activities. There are many activities that bring our brains to full attention, mind mapping can help you with that as well. These can be crossword, mind puzzles, watching interesting news, IQ tests, etc. These activities need not be the boring rigorous training activities. It can as fun as planning your wardrobe for the whole week, memorizing a recipe, learning foreign languages or expressions, memorizing the features of your crush, identifying the bad traits of your boss, and so on.

5. Believe in yourself (subconscious mind is a powerful thing). Although this is a very general statement, we mean to say that you have to believe that you can actually and practically improve your brain and memory. Not believing will only slow down the process and cause unnecessary stress. Human mind power is often underestimated, don't fall into the category of people that don't believe in it.

6. Have a general positive outlook. It has been proven that a person who thinks negatively has a higher tendency not to be receptive to the things and ideas around him. Employing an optimistic attitude not only makes you friends but also creates positive experiences for the brain. Thinking of good memories instead of dwelling on bad one is also effective in enhancing brain performance.